How to report a Road Hazard

Who is responsible?

If the hazard is on a Freeway, Motorway or any State or National highway, the RMS is responsible.

Call the RMS Transport Management Centre on 131 700.

If the hazard is on a local or regional road, the Local Council will be responsible.

You can identify the appropriate Council and get their contact details from the Department of Local Government website. Use the Local Council search at Local Government Directory.

Download a copy of the HAZARD REPORT FORM to send to the Council or RMS. The form is available in MS word (Hazard Report.doc) and pdf format (Hazard Report Form) -

There is no simple on-line method.

Fill out the form and copy-paste it or scan it and attach to an email to the Council or RMS identified above

Please also send a copy to the Motorcycle Council of NSW at

You can print out a copy to carry with you and then fax, scan or post.