MCC Strategies

3.1 There is no independent, reliable information available to motorcyclists about the protective performance of motorcycle clothing and helmets.

3.1.1 MCC to work with other stakeholders to ensure that relevant data is collected in relation to protective clothing and helmets in crash investigations.

3.1.2 MCC to continue to support research into the injury reduction benefits of protective clothing.

3.1.3 MCC to work with stakeholders to seek government support for the motorcycle accessories industry to establish a means of assuring the protective quality of motorcycle clothing.

3.1.4 MCC to continue to work with the AMC on Helmets Standards Committee.

3.1.5 MCC to seek grants to fund the independent evaluation and critical review of helmet standards.

3.1.6 MCC to work with other stakeholders to ensure riders take responsibility for their own safety and that of their pillion passengers, and ensure that adequate protective clothing is worn.

3.1.7 MCC to work with the health insurance industry to introduce rebates on premiums for riders using protective clothing.

3.2 There is no systematic monitoring or research into the safety of motorcycle engineering developments.

3.2.1 MCC to work with other stakeholders to establish a program to identify any patterns of higher crash risks associated with different motorcycle models, including scooters.

3.2.2 MCC to work with other stakeholders to establish a program to research and evaluate the relative merits of new technology, brakes, ITS, etc. and promote this information to riders.

3.2.3 MCC to seek the support of the federal government to investigate an approach to motorcycle crash investigation similar to that used in the Australian National Crash In-depth Study (ANCIS).

3.2.4 MCC to work with industry to review ABS, combined, dual-combined and servo-assisted braking systems, and provide information on website.

3.2.5 MCC to review and publish reviews, research and links where possible for this area.

3.3 The vehicle regulations and Australian Design Rules systems do not provide adequate protection for road users.

3.3.1 MCC to work with other stakeholders for the development of Australian Design Rules (ADRs) to restrict the use of:

  1. high-intensity headlights

  2. clear lens indicators

  3. wide ‘A’ and ‘B’ pillars that limit drivers’ view of vulnerable road users.

3.3.2 MCC to work with the NRMA to promote awareness of the NRMA Driver Vision Index and Vehicle Aggressivity Index to other motorists.

3.3.3 MCC to seek the support of other stakeholders in petitioning state parliament to ensure safe and equitable electronic tolling for motorcyclists.