Unlicensed riders

High risk behaviour

The majority of riders (56%) involved in crashes hold standard licences. Over the past 5 years, only 7% of riders in crashes were unlicensed or disqualified. But these 904 riders were responsible for a high proportion of all the crashes involving high risk behaviour.

1. In 2010, unlicensed riders accounted for 35% of all riders in crashes who had an illegal alcohol reading.
2. Eighteen per cent (18%) of all unlicensed riders involved in crashes had an illegal alcohol level compared to 3% of licensed riders.
3. Almost one third (31%) of unlicensed riders were involved in speed-related crashes compared with 25% of licensed riders.
4. 20% of unlicensed riders and 33% of their injured pillion passengers, had not been wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. Together they account for 44% of all un-helmeted motorcycle crash casualties.
5. Pillion casualties were more likely not to have worn a helmet if they were on a motorcycle ridden by an unlicensed rider than a licensed rider (33% vs 2%).